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√ No Rego, No Licence required - in most states
√ Cheap to run - cost less than $1 for every 100k
√ Park anywhere - pay no more parking fees
√ Avoid the traffic - avoid major road congestion and public transport
√ Environmentally friendly – Electric not petrol

About e-bikes

E-bikes as a category are maximum 200 watt, pedal equipped bicycles that do not require either registration or a licence to ride on most Australian roads.

E-bike’s as a category expand from electric motors fitted to standard bicycles to higher powered vehicles that require registration and insurance like a normal ‘motor bike’.

At me-bike we specialise in the variety that has the appearance of a road going motor-scooter as such to provide a more weather protected and comfortable transport experience ‘without’ the need for registration or a licence. Just grab a cycling helmet, and off you go!

me-bike Classic

Dimension:   1600 x 630 x 1230
Motor:   Brushless
Power:   200W with Pedal
Lead Acid Battery:   48V12AH/16AH
Controller:   3 speed gear
Charger:   48V2.0A/3.0A
Max load:   150kg
Max Speed:   27km/h
Range:   45km/75km
Charging Time:   3-6h
Tire:   16 X 2.5
Brake system:   F & R drum
Extras:   Alarm system   with two remote   controller 

Owners Manual

Download the owners manual Click here